Alex Bouchard, P. Eng.     

Alex Bouchard, P. Eng.
Managing Principal

Alex has been providing Facility Assessment and Capital Planning services since 2006. He has assessed over 500 properties (and over 1,200 buildings overall) throughout Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland, as well as internationally.

Through an understanding of the condition and function of the assets, Alex assists his clients to develop an effective management plan to suit their organization’s needs.

Alex has worked with a variety of assets including commercial, institutional, governmental, residential assets and infrastructure. Specifically, the assets have included police stations and detention centers, data centres, security sensitive buildings and programs, standalone retail spaces, mall complexes, medical facilities, schools and auxiliary buildings, commercial rental units, detached residential buildings, high-rise residential developments, as well as social housing projects.

Alex has been increasingly involved in the development and communication of Asset Management and Capital Planning philosophy in the form of public education as well as professional training. Alex is fluent in both French and English, which has facilitated client communication and networking in many instances.

Alex’s passion for business principles and strategy has lead him to volunteer for a variety of organizations at a leadership level.

On his personal time, Alex keeps himself busy alongside his wife and four kids.