What We Do

Engineering is our specialty

Ally Engineering Ltd. has been providing Facility Assessment and Capital Planning services since 2012. We are here to assist our clients in understanding their facilities’ needs, whether commercial, institutional, governmental, or residential. We collaborate with our clients to establish functional capital investment plans that consider the Buildings, Business and People and aim to improve performance, comfort, and culture.

We Serve

We Serve

  • Strata Corporations
  • Co-operative Housing Developments
  • Government Entities
  • Commercial Real Estate Owners
  • Facility Managers
  • Any other organization with an interest in real estate


Owning or operating facilities comes with a mixed bag of responsibilities, needs and expectations to understand and manage.

We understand that each property or building, comes with unique circumstances that impact how we work with them and live within them.

We specialize in understanding the complexities between the physical, business, and human factors that are affected daily when we work, live, and play in real estate developments.

Our services are designed with the intent of easing our client’s mind by taking on data collection and interpretation, assisting all stake-holders throughout the decision-making process, and helping to see the project through to the end


  • Depreciation Reports

    A strata corporation specific building condition assessment and 30-year capital plan in accordance with the British Columbia Strata Property Act and associated Regulations.  

    The services generally include:

    • Visual review of the building systems & equipment
    • Preparation of an inventory of the assets (i.e. building systems & equipment)
    • Preparation of a 30-year capital plan regarding anticipated Contingency Reserve Fund (CRF) expenditures based on the review of the site conditions
    • Preparation of various cash flow scenarios to assist in the funding of the 30-year capital plan
    • Summary of the findings in a technical report

    It should be noted that these services are also commonly referred to as "Reserve Fund Studies" in jurisdictions outside of British Columbia

  • Pre-purchase Condition Assessments

    The visual review of a property's various assets (e.g. buildings, out buildings, site work, etc.) and the preparation of the anticipated capital expenditures over the course of the evaluation period, which is generally set at 5 to 10 years based on the needs of the clients and/or their financiers.

  • Capital Planning Services

    The review of property's various assets (e.g. buildings, out buildings, site work, etc.) in order to understand its current conditions, deficiencies, and anticipated future capital expenditures. These services can be applied to a single building or a portfolio of diverse developments with flexibility on how best to approach and deliver the data collection, interpretation and reporting.  

    The services generally include:

    • Visual review of the building systems & equipment (level of detail adjustable based on project requirements)
    • Preparation of an inventory of the assets (i.e. building systems & equipment)
    • Preparation of a capital plan regarding anticipated capital expenditures over an established evaluation period (typically 10+ years) 
    • Summary of the findings in a technical report or data input into specialized software programs

    Also available based on project requirements, are the following consulting services

    • Review of existing capital plans and associated technical documents
    • Assistance with the prioritizing and strategizing based on available capital plans

    Establishing an appropriate scope of data collection for future capital planning assessments

  • Warranty Review

    The review of building systems and equipment with regards to the expiration of warranty period. This work is commonly completed for the standard 2-5-10 New Home Warranty program in British Columbia.  Our Warranty Reviews are structured according to the BC Housing Residential Construction Performance guide with additional content included based on our experience and site findings. 

    The services generally include:

    • Visual review of selective building systems & equipment based on the warranty coverage
    • Comparison of the site observations with the performance criteria discussed in the BC Housing Residential Construction Performance guide
      • In the absence of performance criteria in the BC Housing guide, we supplement with our professional opinion
    • Preparation of recommendations for remedial actions, as appropriate
    • Summary of the findings in a technical report 

    These services are also applied to confirm that repair or renewal projects are holding together prior to the expiration of the contractor warranty period. 

  • Investigations

    A system specific review to generally help answer:

    • Is there a problem?
    • How bad is it?
    • What can we do to fix it?

    The scope of the investigation is tailored situation by situation and can range from a preliminary visual review to detailed intrusive investigations with laboratory analysis. 

  • Design Services

    The preparation of scopes of work, technical designs and specifications for the repair and/or renewal of building systems / equipment.  

    Please note that we periodically need to partner with other firms in order to prepare the necessary technical documentation. In these circumstances, we maintain our responsibilities to our clients and ensure that the work provided by our partners fulfills the project requirements and our clients' expectations.

  • Tendering

    Preparation and release of Request for Proposals (RFPs) to qualified contractors to provide comparable pricing and service offerings based on an established scope of work as prepared during our "Design Services"

    These services generally include:

    • Preparation of an appropriate RFP document
    • Submission of the RFP to an established list of qualified candidates
    • Coordination of site reviews & questions 
    • Evaluation of received submissions

    Preparation of the award documentation and contract award with the successful candidate. 

  • On-site Services

    On-site review of construction activities typically in support of the following activities:

    • Contract administration
    • Independent quality assurance reviews & reporting

    Pre- / Post-construction monitoring activities 

  • Project Management

    Taking on the tasks of coordinating, monitoring, managing, and reporting, of facility maintenance, repair, and/or renewal projects. 

  • Policy Review & Writing

    Review of or assistance with the drafting of policies and/or governance documentation pertaining to the use, operation and maintenance of facilities, with considerations for all stakeholders involved. 

  • Technical Peer Review

    Specialized consulting service including the review of a technical peer's work and provide an independent professional opinion generally regarding

    • Suitability of the scope of work applied 
    • Interpretation of the findings 
    • Suitability of recommendations provided 

    In this context a "peer" is another professional (e.g. engineer, architect, etc) completing comparable work to that or our own practice. 

  • Litigation Support

    Specialized consulting services to assist legal counsel and their clients in understanding the physical condition of building systems and how its contributed / contributing to their specific circumstances. 

    These services generally include:

    • Expert witness opinion report and testimony for matters of:
      • Physical condition of building systems, and/or equipment
      • Interpretation of built environment when compared to available design drawings
    • Independent technical consulting services, such as
      • Interpretation of technical reports / documentation
      • Interpretation of maintenance responsibilities and/or boundaries established in governance documents (e.g. bylaws, tenancy agreements, etc.)
      • Assessment strategy in support of on-going claims / disputes
      • Interpretation of site conditions and associated implications 

    Discussions concerning likelihoods of occurrences and their associated implications