Who we are

Engineering is our specialty

At Ally Engineering Ltd. we know it is our devotion and attention that differentiates us, and our work, from other companies and keeps our client relationships strong. Our promises to our clients of delivering our work on time, being easy to work with, and providing more than is expected, are the results of our strong core values and the importance we give them. Ally Engineering’s collaborative philosophy has been established for clients who seek to trust and work alongside their service providers to improve the performance, comfort and/or culture of their facilities. This approach has kept our clients coming back, and has allowed us to remain successful.

Core Values

Core Values

  • Culture of Excellence
  • Doing What We Say
  • Constantly Learning and Improving
  • Investment in Community

Our Promise

Our Promise

  • Deliver On Time
  • Easy to Work With
  • Providing More Than Expected

Asset Management

Owning or operating facilities comes with a mixed bag of responsibilities, needs and expectations to understand and manage.

We understand that each property or building, comes with unique circumstances that impact how we work with them and live within them.

We specialize in understanding the complexities between the physical, business, and human factors that are affected daily when we work, live, and play in real estate developments.

Our services are designed with the intent of easing our client’s mind by taking on data collection and interpretation, assisting all stake-holders throughout the decision-making process, and helping to see the project through to the end.


Our Philosophy

Buildings, Business and people are the three pillars of our work. Our services are defined by the overlap between each of these pillars.

Each of these pillars represent important aspects which are present when making any asset management decision.

We understand the complexity involved in doing what’s best for the Needs of the building, their business drivers, and the people involved. Within this understanding has come our collaborative approach of helping our clients find the proper balance between Comfort, Culture, and Performance.

Our Philosophy illustrated in a Venn Diagram


The physical structure in which we live, work and play, among countless other things. Unfortunately, our buildings require care and maintenance if they are to perform as intended and remain comfortable.
The often-invisible factors that drive the decisions made to manage the performance and operations of our assets, while trying not to upset the expectations set by our culture.
We are the men, women, and children forming our societies, relying on our infrastructure, and affected by decisions often made by others. We seek comfort in our daily lives and in knowing that we can stand behind the culture driving decisions made on our behalf.


The contributions to the physical ease and feeling of safety and well-being in our built environments. This speaks to how well our people and our buildings interact and fulfill each others needs. Our needs to stay warm, dry, and generally comfortable, are tied to our buildings' needs to have their exterior envelope and heating system in working order.
The on-going balancing of tasks, schedules, and costs to ensure that the necessary jobs are getting completed in a timely and cost effective manner. Buildings offer many complexities in this regards with regulatory and maintenance requirements increasing in scope and complexity, to finding qualified and reliable service personnel that can help, while having to ensure that the budget is maintained.
The personal support and agreement that we have when asked to live with decisions that are made on our behalf. In the business of our buildings, this driver speaks to the efficient decision making processes, the effectiveness of the communication, and the overall support or opposition from the various stakeholders. The culture established through this process has the potential to influence how people live in, work along, and feel about their environment.
We interviewed a lot of companies when it came time to prepare our Deprecation Report. We chose to work with Alex and Ally Engineering because of the friendly, engaging and professional manner in which they handled our interview. We were very impressed. But more importantly, we continue to work with Alex and his team because the experience continues to be first class! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for your next job! Monique S,
Strata Council Member, Coquitlam
I have worked with Alex for nearly a decade, first as a colleague and now as a business partner. Alex has always provided high quality Building Condition Assessment support services to Roth IAMS and FCAPX on numerous projects. We are constantly seeking opportunities to use Alex to support our on-going projects. I would highly recommend Alex and his team at Ally to anyone who is in need of condition assessments, reserve fund studies and facility asset management related services. Bill Roth,
Founder and Managing Partner, Roth IAMS and FCAPX
The professionalism displayed by your company has made it so easy to work with your staff on a regular basis. Mrs. Caitlin P.,
Strata Manager, Chilliwack, BC
When the Strata Property Act of British Columbia was introduced, we did not have to search hard to find Alex. Mr. Bouchard was recommended to us. He made such a good impression on us that we decided to work with him. It was a very good decision. Alex has been producing the necessary documents in a prompt and professional manner, and in all his dealings with the Strata Corporation he is competent, personable, and punctual. Martin Kyle and Ivan Filippov,
Strata Council Members - Strata Corporation NW3270
I would recommend Alex at Ally Engineering Ltd. to people who need a depreciation and engineering reports as his reports are easy to read and understand. Susan R.,
Strata Manager, Greater Vancouver Area